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Zeugma’s website

Zeugma’s website

Note This project is no longer online

Client Zeugma TSI (

Challenge Zeugma is a Portuguese tech founded in 1997, specialized in solutions for automation in the car, packaging and electronic industries. Betting on internationalization, Zeugma hired ESTREIA to completely renew the website to better communicate with the global market.

Solution ESTREIA designed and implemented a website with the following:

  • Communicating Zeugma as a global player in the market of industrial solutions;
  • Responsive web design, easy to use on computers, tablets and mobile phones;
  • Content in English and Portuguese, enriched with documents, images and videos;
  • Implementation of Contact and Recruitment forms, share options and map;
  • Client receives stats reports with metrics and goals, like forms, clicks and downloads;
  • Website was connected to WordPress, plus a training session with the customer;
  • Search engine and speed optimization was done, plus a digital certificate.

Results ZEUGMA’s website ranks high on Google in some searches relevant to their activity, like “reel doctoring europe” or “automatic assembling lines portugal”, among others. It also received frequent interactions like job submissions and info requests.

Date July 2020

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