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Real Estate Web Application

Client Prime-Yield

Project Prime-Yield is a real-estate valuation company, and chose ESTREIA to develop a web application to be used in a real-estate survey in two Lisbon neighbourhoods. The application would be used by employees on the street, with tablets or smartphones, to record the condition of thousands of properties for later treatment.

ESTREIA developed an application with the following characteristics:

  • Responsive design, to be used in mobile phones, tablets and computers;
  • Restricted access to authenticated users;
  • Add properties to a Google map, with colors according to the condition of the property;
  • Automatic completion of the address of the property, from the position of the marker;
  • Recording of all information in database;
  • Filtering information according to the street name and the condition of the property;
  • Generation of listings and export to Excel file.

Date Jan 16, 2018

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