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Sportscience Online Shop

Sportscience Online Shop

Client Sportscience (www.sportscience.eu)

Mission Honoris, Ltd., a Suunto watches dealer that owns the Sportscience brand, picked ESTREIA to build an online shop that would be capable of selling globally.

Solution ESTREIA built and designed an online store with these aspects:

  • Communication and web design suited for a business dedicated to sell electronic products to the global market, including a new logo design;
  • Online catalog with over 100 products, between sports watches and accessories, full with descriptions and image slideshows;
  • Implementation of e-commerce features like shopping cart, payments by credit card, Paypal and bank transfer, and order management;
  • Other functions like multilingual, multi-currency, contact form, local search and sharing options to the social networks;
  • Website was connected to WordPress, so that the client can easily update its content;
  • Customer receives statistical reports with metrics and goals, like sales and contact forms;
  • An AdWords online advertising campaign was configured, attracting relevant visitors to the website;
  • Search engine optimization was done, and the shop was added to Google Merchant Center;
  • A Facebook page was created and updated.

Results Sportscience’s online store received daily orders and contacts from clients across the globe, and was well placed in searches related with keywords relevant to their business.

Date The Sportscience shop was online between Dec.2011 and Aug.2016, and was discontinued due to Suunto brand having its own online store.

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