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AMI Online Shop

AMI Online Shop

Client AMI – International Medical Assistance

Mission AMI Foundation seeks to diversify its sources of income, in order to finance social action activities in Portugal and abroad. Therefore, AMI contacted ESTREIA for the production of its online store, that should become an additional source of revenue.

Solution ESTREIA was responsible for several versions of the AMI online shop, and the most recent has the following characteristics:

  • Communication and web design suited for a non-profit organisation like AMI;
  • Product catalog with about 60 products, like books, clothes, merchandise and utilities, with descriptions and image galleries;
  • Implementation of e-commerce functions like shopping cart, payments by Paypal, ATM references and bank transfer, and order management;
  • Other features like contact form, discount coupons, promotions and sharing to the social networks;
  • Website was connected to WordPress, and a training session was held with the staff, on updating tasks;
  • Customer receives statistical reports with metrics and goals, like sales and contact forms;
  • Consulting was provided throughout the work, including setting up a web hosting and a digital certificate;
  • Search engine optimization was done.

Results AMI’s shop became an additional source of funding for this NGO, receiving orders and donations, especially during funding campaigns or holiday seasons like Christmas.

Date 01.Jun.2016 (previous versions in 2008 and 2011)

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