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AFID Foundation Shop

Client AFID Foundation

Mission AFID is a social institution and has an Occupational Activity Center that produces a range of hand-made products. As part of the redesign work on AFID’s institutional website, ESTREIA built an online shop to market their products.

Solution ESTREIA delivered an e-commerce solution with the following aspects:

  • Web design integrated with AFID’s website image;
  • Product catalog of about 90 products, with full description and image gallery;
  • Implementation of e-commerce functions like shopping cart, payments by Paypal, ATM references and bank transfer, and order management;
  • Other features like local search, discount coupons, promotions and sharing to the social networks;
  • Website was connected to WordPress, and a training session was held with the staff, on updating tasks;
  • Customer receives statistical reports with metrics and goals, like sales and contact forms;
  • Consulting was provided throughout the work, including setting up a web hosting and a digital certificate;
  • Search engine optimization was done.

Date 11.Feb.2016

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